Fool Quest

We all form each our own vivid picture of what we want our lives to be, and particularly in the imagination of an ideal social circle, the better to connect to vital resources and meet personal needs, tangible and intangible, all crucial to optimal fulfillment in authentic well being and human thriving. What then would be the invitation to your dream job, your personal calling to Camelot? For many, it might be brainstorming at Ideo, the far famed prosperous paradise of corporate creativity. But surely solution finding for our own life’s struggles and frustrations, will be as challenging as any problem solving opportunity, or: probortunity set before the elite gathered to brainstorm at Ideo. ‘Probortunity’ comes indeed as most apt portmanteau of the words:‘problem’ and ‘opportunity,’ because problem solving affords novel opportunity for success and fulfillment. So why not put our heads together? And after all, isn’t the culture of helping, trust and accessibility, integral to real close collaboration, and a great part of the world renowned noble expectations in cultures the likes of Ideo? Then let me help: Why not form our own Ideo (as it were), with ourselves as clients?

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